Facebook For Business Workshop

Facebook For Business Workshop

– Getting familiar with New Facebook
1. Facebook Overview & why Facebook Won?
a. Time Line (New Facebook Layout & features)
b. How to Take Control of Your Facebook Privacy
c. Manage your Newsfeed, don’t let them out-flood you!
d. Ticker (New feature/s)
e. Subscriber button (New feature/s)

– How to Use a Personal Facebook Profile for Business?
2. Tools to check the Availability of your Username
3. The power of Facebook on the Weak Ties
4. Why Facebook does it matter for your business?
5. How to determine your Audience on Facebook
6. How Develop your Social/Facebook Capital

– Using Facebook for Recruitment
– How to use Facebook Page for Business & Marketing?

7-Marketing before & after Facebook
8- Why, How, What, brands talk on Facebook?
9- Understanding Edge Rank
10- Putting New Facebook Business Page to work

– Set your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Step 1: Facebook Marketing Strategy
i. Build
ii. Engage
iii. Amplify

SOSTAC Online Strategy

Step 2: Build Facebook Timeline Page
key Page features

Step 3: Develop your posting plan
1) Find your voice
2) Find the right rhythm
3) Schedule time for Facebook
4) Create a conversation
5) Offer a rich experience
6) Share exclusive content
7) Create your “Social Equity”
8) Dealing with negative Post
9) Develop a conversational calendar
10) Add a Facebook logo to your marketing materials

Step 4: Grow your audience

1) Start with who you know
2) Encourage visitors to like your Page
3) Partner with other brands or local organizations
4) Expand the reach of your posts
5) Promote your Page
6) Add a Facebook logo
7) Install the Facebook comments plug
8) Update your business page from your mobile
9) Get people to join your page via SMS
10) Connect your page to twitter
11) Link to your Page as a place of Employment
12) Link to your facebook from your LinkedIn Profile
13) Use Hootesuite to manage your page
14) Buy Them

Step 5: Driving Traffic from Facebook to Your Website

Step 6: Measure & refine
-Dressing up your Facebook Account/Page with applications
-Tracking your results on Facebook
a. What aspects to track?
b. Facebook insights
c. Other tracking resources

– Facing Facebook Group

11- Create and manage FB Group
– Hosting Facebook Event

12- Create and manage FB Event
– Exploring a Facebook ad

13- Create and manage FB ad campaign
1. Setting your Facebook AD Campaign Plan
2. Exploring a Facebook ad
a. Marketplace ads
b. Sponsored Stories from page post
c. Sponsored Stories – Voice of Friend
d. Premium ads

14- The Future of Facebook
Training Materials: English
Training Speech Language: Arabic

How much does it cost?
USD 325 *

Win $ 35 with our Special RDM Package:
Facebook for Business Workshop for $ 325 + Twitter for Business Workshop
(8 & 9 November 2012) for $ 285 = $ 575 * instead of $ 610
* Excluding VAT

How do I book a place?
To book your place please call +961 5 922353 / +961 3 828353 or send email to info@rightservice.net

Below are some of Right Service high esteemed clientele:
HSBC Bank, Banque Audi, Byblos Bank, LAU, Empire Cinema, Grand Cinema, ABC, Diet Center, OMT western union agent, Nakhal, Mercedes-Benz T. Gargoor & Fils S.A.L., A. N. Boukather Mazda, Autostars, Nadia travel, Samsung, Beirut Arab University, Bank Of Beirut And ArabCountries, Bou Khalil Supermarkets, Chamber Of Commerce, Chtaura Park Hotel, TBWA/Rizk, Dunkin Donuts, Lebanese International University, Lebanese Canadian University, Middle East University Lebanese, Libanlait sal, Mission Culturelle Francaise, Notre Dame University, USEK, University of Balamand, CIT (Institute), Byblos (Institute)…


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