Evanescence – My Heart Is Broken [video]

“My Heart Is Broken” is a song by American rock band Evanescence. It was released on October 31, 2011 as the second single from their eponymous third studio album. The song was written by Amy Lee, Terry Balsamo, Tim McCord and Zach Williams, while production was handled by Nick Raskulinecz. Musically, “My Heart Is Broken” is an uptempo rock ballad that begins with piano and Lee’s vocals before transcending into guitars and drums. Lee revealed that the song was written after seeing victims of sex trafficking.
The song received favorable reviews from music critics, who praised Lee’s vocals accompanied by piano, guitars and drums and chose it as a highlight on the album. The song has reached number 36 on the Austrian Singles Chart. An accompanying music video for the song was filmed in December in Los Angeles and it was directed by Dean Karr. It makes use of fiber optics and was inspired by the dark fantasy horror film Paperhouse (1988). Its concept revolves around a girl creating a world in her dreams which later becomes a nightmare. “My Heart Is Broken” is part of the band’s set list on their third worldwide tour in support of Evanescence.

The video begins with Lee lying on a black background while lyp-syncing the lyrics of the song. Shots of the rest of the band performing the song are shown as well as shots of Lee with a white light in her hand which she uses to draw lines. She gets up off the ground and starts creating grass around her with the white light. Shots of the band are shown again as well as Lee singing the song and showing her emotions. The camera then returns to Lee who’s drawing stars with the light in her hand and walks in the world that she has created. The next shots feature Lee playing on the piano in a room where the light comes from a small window. The video returns to Lee who draws a mirror and walls in her world and continues singing the song. At the end, she looks through the window and touches the mirror which starts breaking and illuminating the screen with white light.

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