Evanescence in Lebanon

Mix FM is bringing you back to life!

Mix FM Lebanon, the station that brought “Shakira” to Beirut last summer, is bringing you to life this year with “Evanescence” on June 23rd 2012 for a one night only live concert.

Tickets will go on sale on May 8th 2012 at all Virgin Megastores branches.
Ticket prices :
– Standing : 45$
– Seated : Starting 50$
– Golden Circle : Standing 100$ ( Including VAT)

More information to be posted as being announced by Mix FM Lebanonย 

Evanescence in Beirut

Evanescence in Beirut


Seating Map :

Evanescence Seating Map

Evanescence Seating Map


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8 Responses

  1. Emad says:

    please let me know do you have AGENT in Amman where we could have tickets
    wish you success event

  2. Jess says:

    Golden Circle : Standing 100$ ( Including VAT)

    what is VAT ?!

  3. memo says:

    what time does it start?

  4. Marouane says:

    Hello Lebanon ! Greetings from Morocco !!
    Does anybody know if the concert will be broadcast Live on TV or on a website ??? Thanks ! Ev’fans rock !

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