“Eternal” by DJ Mikas & DJ Sage: The Debut Release Review

I usually don’t like trance music without lyrics, but this one, you don’t have to miss it!
Here you go! have a listen.

Let’s start by introducing the 2 DJ’s first:
Mikas is a trance and progressive house DJ from Vancouver BC and one of Canada’s fastest emerging stars. He is the founder of Progressive Grooves Records, host of TranceClass TV & Radio and resident of Gorg-O-Mish nightclub. DJ Sage is a well respected name in the Vancouver scene having played practically every club and event around.

The track starts with a repetitive drill beat, and it keeps on going until the heavy background beats begin to get you in the mood and then the smooth groove comes in at 1:13 to put you in the state of trance… lose yourself and dance to the sound like no one is around.
Once you hear it, you keep hitting the repeat button, it is kind of addictive, and it gives the feeling of either a stormy night where you go clubbing with your friends, or a relaxing day on the beach where you can sit and enjoy your day.
I recommend you listen to it when you’re designing something, it gets you in the mood or listen to it on Friday “LOL” this way you get your hopes up for a sleepless weekend…

I guess it is a pretty good international start, the best is yet to come! we say good luck!
What do you think about Mikas and Sage debut single? Do you like it? Let us know.

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