epiSode at the Angry Monkey

This is it! epiSode will be taking the stage for the first time this year, this Sunday, February 19, 2012 at the Angry Monkey – Gemmayze (right next to gauche caviar).

We should start our performance no later than 9:30 pm. Our set is bigger than ever; we’ll be performing our classics as well as a couple of new songs. This show is definitely not to be missed!

Make your reservations now at Angry Monkey on the 01/566376. Angry Monkey is usually packed on Sundays, you might want to reserve as soon as possible.
See you all there!


About epiSode :
The concept of the band epiSode was conceived back in 2007, by one of its original members, Avo Demirdjian (Electric Violin & Strings). It wasn’t until two years later, in July 2009, that epiSode found its structure with its 2 pillars Avo Demirdjian & John Laham (Drums & Percussion); the band was then formed.

In June 2010, Karnig Baghdassarian (Bass) joined as the third member of epiSode.

True to its own style of experimental music, EpiSode’s original compositions unite elements drawn from classical and orchestral soundtrack to metal music.

Each arrangement is artistically inspired from different events in life. From the moment of birth to the final breath, EpiSode’s musical pieces represent milestones of experiences in life from joy to sorrow, loss or success, to feelings of love and hate.

EpiSode’s compositions follow through a progression of experiences leading to the ultimate moment of emotional surrender that shape us from who we are to what we become. The final outcome is an exploration of musical structures laced with intricate patterns and textures, forming into an auditory experience and communication between EpiSode’s musicians and its audience.

EpiSode is mainly influenced by bands such as Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Apocalyptica, Muse, Tool, Rhapsody of fire, Angra and Opeth.

Currently recording their first album, expected release by the beginning of 2012.


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