Enhance your photo: Photoshop workshop

Well, you’re in luck! This workshop is aimed to help you enhance your photo using Photoshop.

Whether you shoot with a DSLR or a compact, you will find this workshop useful. And we ensure to help you take your work into the next level.

The workshop is on April 28 and lasts for 4 hours from 12pm till 4pm

Fee 50$ per participant paid at Karaj (Deadline to register Friday April 27)
* Limited seats to 25 so hurry up and register here

Attendees are required to have their PCs at all sessions. Plus make sure you have Adobe Photoshop installed.


  • What is an image resolution?
  • Different type of image format (RAW, TIFF, JPEG)
  • What is Adobe Bridge? Navigating through Bridge
  • Use keywords
  • Use Labels to select photos
  • Locate the metadata
  • Use the filter panel
  • Change the workspace and save it
  • Batch renaming the files
  • Convert multiple PSD file into JPEG in one click ·
  • Save images in JPEG format via Camera RAW ·
  • Adjust images using Camera RAW (Exposure, fill light, brightness, contrast, sharpness…)
  • Introduction to useful tools used in enhancing a photo on Photoshop
  • Changing the size of an image
  • How to crop the photo
  • Use the clone tool
  • Use the history brush tool
  • Use the shadow/highlight adjustment
  • Color correction
  • How to use Levels
  • How to use the Curves
  • Sharpen the image
  • How to read the info tab
  • Use a mask layer
  • Work with Adjustment layer
  • Work with the Curve adjustment layer
  • Work with the color correction
  • Work with the channel mixer adjustment layer
  • Convert a photo into Black and White
  • Correct a photo using the Lens Correction tool
  • Correct the perspective of a photo using transform tools (Scale, perspective, distort, wrap…)
  • How to create an action?
  • What is the “proof colors” for?
  • How to make a panoramic photo?

Hurry up and buy your ticket, places are limited!

Hosted by : Karaj Media Lab Beirut


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