EMPIRICAL SCHISM /the haven hypothesis/

music / poetry / visual art

■ tamara saadé
poetry [fr]
■ carmina khairallah
poetry [fr]
■ dayna ash
spoken word [en]
■ mariam hammoud
+ ziad boustani
experimental sound poetry [ar]

■ nicolaï gerebtzoff
reactionary acoustics
■ ryan haïdar
experimental/ ambient
■ flum
electronic rock
■ da wood & the whale
live electronic oriental

visual art
photography exhibition
■ joe saadeh
■ myriam boulos
■ patrick mouzawak
■ diana mehrez
■ walid sader
■ tina jabri
■ youssef doughan
■ farah el hattab

the usual deal
■ 5 dollars + jello shot(s)
(and who knows, we might treat you to some candy too)
Venue: Yukunkun – Gemayzeh – Lebanon
Date: February 23rd 2014

EMPIRICAL SCHISM /the haven hypothesis/

EMPIRICAL SCHISM /the haven hypothesis/

■ empirical |ɛmˈpɪrɪk(ə)l, ɪm-|
based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic: they provided considerable empirical evidence to support their argument.

■ schism |ˈsɪz(ə)m, ˈskɪz(ə)m|
a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief.

■ the Haven hypothesis is intended to conclude that we are distracted in this modern day and age by things that inadvertently take away the absolute sensation found in actually listening and observing all that surrounds us.


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