Ehdeniyat 2014

Ehdeniyat 2014’s opening will take place on FRIDAY the 25th of JULY and guess who’s going to be in the launching?!

An international artist who has set 2 Guinness World Records: the first for having sold the most records in the most languages in history, and the second for being the Best-Selling Latin Artist in History. On April 1st 2013, in Beijing, he received another historic award: First and Most Popular Artist of All Time.

He has sung duets with famous artists such as Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson, Diana Ross, Paul Anka, Charles Aznavour, Sting, Plácido Domingo and others.

Yes! Julio Iglesias will be in the opening on the 25th of JULY.

Ehdeniyat 2014

Ehdeniyat 2014

JULIO IGLESIAS Friday July 25th 2014 | 20:30
Blessed with good looks and a powerful voice, “Julio Iglesias” is one of the most popular and enduring figures in the history of Latin music, a true international superstar who has sold over 300 million albums copies of his 80 albums released worldwide.

ZIAD RAHBANI Saturday August 2nd 2014 | 20:30
Ziad Rahbani is one of the few figures that have been able to innovate and, at times, instigate the Arabic music scene, making an artistic impact that transcends the music world.

KADIM AL SAHER Friday August 8th 2014 & Saturday August 9th 2014 | 20:30
Kadim Al Sahir is an Iraqi singer, composer, and poet who has established himself as one of the most successful singers in the history of the Arab World, since the start of his career.

MUSIC HALL NIGHT Friday August 22nd 2014 | 20:30
When it comes to Fusion it is Michel Elefteriades and Musichall. Ehdeniyat’s Management in collaboration with Elefteriades Production will put on stage local and international artists; a promising night of Arabic and Latin music with a unique concept. 8 Artists, talents from around the world.

TENORE Saturday August 23rd 2014 | 20:30
“The Tenors of The XXI Century” was created in 2006 by Dmitry Sibirtsev, this Art-Project is formed of eight tenors, accompanied by four couples of dancers who had performed separately at the most prestigious stages in the world.


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