Double-u Double-u Double-u Dot Don’t Dash Do Da Dishes Dot com

-Double-u Double-u Double-u Dot Don’t Dash Do Da Dishes Dot com

The What |
A two nights semi-laidback party in the woods organized by Synck to promote local Lebanese talent while simultaneously offering a two-night camping site for all attendees. There’s always space for artists to collaborate during jamming sessions, offering the visitors an on-the-spot creation of exceptional performances where different music genres fuse together like never before.
You wanna know why the name is relevant? Keep reading.

The When |
Friday 25 till Sunday 27 of July

The Where |
Lehfed Country Club is a natural park and camping site located in Lehfed, the mountainside of Jbeil district. In addition to it being a camping site, Lehfed Country Club offers a vast, secluded area wherein many underground parties have taken place in the past 3 years, receiving well-renown international DJ’s.

Double-u Double-u Double-u Dot Don't Dash Do Da Dishes Dot com

Double-u Double-u Double-u Dot Don’t Dash Do Da Dishes Dot com

The What It Looks Like |

The Who | #OMG we’re hilarious |
The music that will be played during our two-nights music gathering ranges from acoustic to drum n’ bass, blues, jazz and Lebanese folk played by upcoming local talents such as:
– Zeid Hamdan
– Loopstache
– Chyno
– Karim Khneisser
– Etyen/TM
– Mazen Al Sayed ((الرّاس
– Michelle & Noel Keserwany
– Sayed Darwish
– Ruby Road
– Flum Project
– Alan Abi Sleiman/Wadih Ghanem
– Foni
– Noor & Ghina Mounzer
– Ceasar K. (DJ)
– Fady Aswad (DJ)
– Munma (DJ
– Tash (DJ)
– Lea Lahoud (DJ)
– Monica B (DJ)
– Firas Hallak (DJ)
– AA Preacherman (MC)

The How Am I Ever Gonna Get There |
It is a 20-minute ride from Jbeil and there will be signs put up for you to know where to go from there.

The What to Bring |
• Yourself
• Your friends
• A tent – there will be a limited number of tents onsite that should be reserved.
• A sleeping bag
• A sweater/jacket because it will get cold at night so be ready for that
• BYOB – there will also be an inexpensive bar if you do not feel like bringing your own alcohol.
• There will be Food Trucks/kiosks so you won’t feel hungry.

Tickets are $ 30/person | There will be tickets at the door.
For more information: 70 54 01 61

You say you still wanna know the relevance of the name, we say you ask too many questions #RUDE


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