CORECHESTRA III: Current Value and Oyaarss LIVE in Lebanon

Corechestra III: Current Value and Oyaarss LIVE in Lebanon.

“There seems to be a common element of aggression or chaos, unconventional song structures and sudden shifts of rhythm. Heavy kick drums, breaks and a wide palette of sampling sources, played at high tempos.”

It is our pleasure to welcome Current Value (Germany) And Oyaars (Latvia) on the line-up of the third chapter of the book: “Corechestra III”, at Beach 37 – Rmeileh.

– Current Value (Germany, Subsistenz, PRSPCT) (DJ set)
– Oyaarss (Latvia, Ad Noiseam) (Live set)
– Makh (RU) (Live set)
– Screwheadz (Leb) (DJ set)
– Dao (Leb, DMG) (DJ set)
– Necrostate (Leb) (DJ set)

The event will feature two international Producers, and 4 local DJs/Producers, to cover a wide variety of Electronic Music styles:

Dubstep, Deathstep, Drumstep, Drum ‘n Bass, Crossbreed, Metalstep, Hardcore, Jungle, Breakcore, Mashcore, Raggacore, Metalcore, Speedcore, IDM, Glitch, Downtempo.

CORECHESTRA III: Current Value and Oyaarss LIVE in Lebanon

CORECHESTRA III: Current Value and Oyaarss LIVE in Lebanon

Event info, regulations and netiquettes:

– Entrance Fee:
• Presale: $20 + 2 drinks.
• At the door: $23

– A bar/snack will also be available in the venue.
– Water will be distributed for free throughout the event.
– Camping is allowed/encouraged, you are welcome to join in the early times of the day install your tent in the designated camping areas (grass) and enjoy the beach.

– You are welcome to stay after the event and spend the day until sunset.

– Swimming at the beach is not allowed during the hours of the event.

– The location is 15 mins from Beirut, Sea side, 200 meters before LaGuava, Rmeileh.

– The weather in October should be pretty good, all the necessary rain precautions have been taken in consideration in case it rained. A big part of the camping area is covered and so is the dance floor.

– Anyone caught doing any kind of disturbing, harmful, irresponsible or illegal activity will be refunded and asked to leave.

– Door policy: Strictly 18+


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