Cirque De Glace Live in Jordan

The brilliant Russian Ice Stars combine with the magical world of cirque in an eclectic mix of spectacle and ice dance that is guaranteed to dazzle, thrill and entertain all ages.

Diet And Nutrition Expo2012 - Jordan

Diet And Nutrition Expo2012 – Jordan

Diet & Nutrition Expo 2012, the event continues to expand – attracting a wider audience of professionals, including dietitians’, sports, health, and nutrition professionals, and executive chefs.

Samsung Amman Marathon

Samsung Amman International Marathon

The main objectives of Amman International Marathon are to promote athleticism, particularly among youth; to encourage tourism to Jordan; and to promote athletic cooperation across countries of the Middle East and the world. Promoting healthy…

Jordan Awake 2012

Jordan Awake

We know the past, We know the presents, So embrace the future together on Fri.24 August 2012 on… JORDAN AWAKE !

Startup WeekEnd Amman

Startup Weekend Amman II

After 6 month from the first event, Startup Weekend Amman returns in the second edition, Now with No talk All Action.


Baladi – Jordan

BALADI is TareqAlnasser and Rum Group now focusing their message of “great music as a catalyst to enrich Jordan’s cultural scene, allow Jordanian talent to shine, bring people from Jordan, the region and the world…


Les Créateurs Libanais Spring Exhibition

Les Créateurs Libanais” is a large-scaled exhibition organized for it’s sixth consecutive year. It is already recognized as a key exhibition for the development of outstanding Lebanese and Jordanian talents in Jordan.


Jordan Health Care

Jordan HealthCare 2012 Expo is an international business trade show focused on the health care industry.

skydive jordan

Sky Dive Jordan

The Royal Aero Sport Club of Jordan and Skydive Dubai have teamed up to bring you Skydive Jordan in the summer of 2012.

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