Cassie – King Of Hearts [video]

Watch the new music video of Cassie new single called “King of Hearts”. The single was taken from Cassie’s upcoming sophomore album that will be release sometime this year. The video were nice and quite enjoyful.

For all the criticism Cassie receives for her supposed lack of talent and eternally-unconfirmed relationship with Diddy, there are few others putting out better music than she is. “Me & U” and “Must Be Love” still stand as two of the best R&B songs of the past decade, but a lot of time has passed since then, and with dance music having since taken over the charts, I’ve been wondering if Cassie’s sound would still contain the same magic that made me a fan back when she was first blowing up on MySpace.

The good news is that Cassie is back and better than ever, having finally released her official comeback single “King Of Hearts” to iTunes today. And the bad news? There is none.

“King Of Hearts” is club music, Cassie style. A frosty jungle-trance banger unlike anything on the radio right now. “Me & U” by the way of Janet Jackson’s “Rock With U”. Aaliyah circa 2012. An icy Ibiza-sized anthem that’s just snatched the wig of every pop song released this year, without even sounding like it tried to.

Cassie’s trademark monotone delivery sounds even better in the world of disco balls and strobe lights than it did over Ryan Leslie’s urban beats. She sounds too bored to seduce you, but too cool to care, and that’s just what makes her so darn enticing.

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