Calvin Harris – Summer [music]

There are many ways to identify when summer is upon us.

We know summer is upon is because bees and wasps start to torment us again by hovering over our heads, hay-fever makes all of its’ sufferers its bitch- with the constant sneezing, itchy throat etc. And then, the most obvious reason of them all: Calvin Harris releases a new song, just in time for all the big festivals.

Calvin Harris - Summer

Calvin Harris – Summer

So why would 2014 be any different? Harris took to Twitter to premiere his new song cleverly titled ‘Summer’. This track marks the return of Harris as a vocalist again, and it works over the infectious synth beat, that will guarantee to get everyone jumping up and down while fist pumping the hell out of the air.

Yes, the lyrical content is a little bare and it is slightly repetitive, but that same format seemed to work brilliantly with Rihanna’s 2011 hit ‘We Found Love’ but none of that matters in the.. Summer. People just want to dance and drink and have a good time, this song will go nicely with that combination.


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