Calvin Harris Ft. NeYo “Let’s Go” Review

When i first knew they’re collaborating i thought that the outcome would be a copy of Rihanna’s “We found Love” but I can guarantee that this tune is a CLUB addiction, NeYo’s voice with Calvin Harris’s Beats equals “EPIC WIN”.

Have a listen.

After “We Found Love” with Rihanna, seems Calvin is more comfortable now to feature more top artists on his songs, is he going to be the new David Guetta? Well he topped the charts with Riri so let’s see now if he will be able to hit big. And let’s wait to see if he got more features in the works.

To be honest the beats grab the attention more than the lyrics, but as long as you listen to it more than 2 times you start to repeat the lyrics yourself and move your head with passion and you start lipsing “Let’s Go!!! Let’s Go!!! Let’s Go!!!”

I feel it is a part II of “Gimme everything tonight”, Why? because it has the same theme, it makes you feel happy to live your life and enjoy it to the max, it puts all your problems away and make you feel like dancing all night long.
“Let’s Go” can also make you feel the weekend spirit even if your sitting bored on your desk working your ass off! it is kind of addictive, so be aware, your boss might see u move to the groove 😉

Tell us what you think? below in the comments.

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  1. =MCN= says:

    WOW! Just wow! This song is so addictive, what a club hit. I am so proud of Calvin (y)! Ne-yo’s catchy voice really compliments the beat :)!

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