Belle Comme la Femme D’une Autre [movie]

Family court judge Clémence lives with Gabriel, who she is very much in love with. However, she is jealous and suspects him of cheating on her. One day, she decides to put his faithfulness to the test during a trip to Reunion Island.

Clémence is a very jealous woman. To test Gabriel’s loyalty, who had just proposed to her, she sends him the gorgeous Olivia, a fidelity tester who’s working in the secret agency « Darling Trap ».

Belle Comme la Femme D'une Autre

Belle Comme la Femme D’une Autre

When it is about love and precisely marriage, Clémence (45) only thinks one thing: if everything feels right, that means something is not working. Her work as a judge in family affairs doesn’t help her to relax, neither her recent marriage failure with an unfaithful husband. She’s already been burned and doesn’t want to go there anymore.

For Gabriel (45) everything is simple. He loves Clémence and wants to marry her. He is a consultant in company’s images. He’s not a cheater, and laughs about Clemence’s insecurities. He spends his time comforting her and firmly believes he will convince her.

Agathe (30) wants to be independent. She has a dream: opening a cocktail bar! Unfortunately she doesn’t have any money. To quickly make some, she works as a tester who puts husbands’ fidelity in jeopardy, in the very secret agency « Darling Trap ».

Under the wonderful Indian sky, games of love and appearances will reveal everyone’s true nature.

The movie will be released across Lebanon and the middle east on July 24th 2014.


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