Beirut Jam Sessions presents Pony Pony Run Run

Pony Pony Run Run is a 3-man band that was formed in Nantes in 2003. They have recorded 2 albums so far that have both rocked the French music charts! The first was in 2009 and was entitled “You need Pony Pony Run Run” and the second was released earlier this year and was simple self-entitled album called: “PonyPony/RunRun”.

Message from Beirut Jam Sessions:
Hey Everybody,
We’ve got some bad news. Unfortunately we’re writing here to inform you that the Pony Pony Run Run concert that was due on Tuesday, November 27th 2012 at Solea V will be cancelled for the time being.

We were informed of the band’s decision to cancel the concert late last night. The reasons behind their decision are due to the illness of the singer who has been advised not to travel with his condition. And in addition to that, the band were also advised not to come to Lebanon at this moment in time based on the recent unfortunate events at our neighboring countries. We are extremely sorry for this and for any inconvenience caused with this cancellation.

Many of you know how much we were looking forward to it and your enthusiasm for this gig was also pretty obvious, so once again, we’re really sorry.

For those of you that have purchased tickets, you can return them at all Virgin Ticking Branches and get a refund for your tickets as of next week.

If you have any comments or questions, please let us know.

Please share this message with your friends on Facebook/Twitter…etc.


The Beirut Jam Sessions team

They’ve sold out countless concerts all around the world and played at some of the most legendary venues such as Le Zenith in Paris, Glastonbury in the UK, as well as numerous other venues in Berlin, London, Warsaw, Moscow, Tokyo, Seoul…always being able to consistently put on a great show that’ll make you feel like you’re the king of the dance floor!

The opening act of this event are an awesome Lebanese band called Goldfish Parade. They have already released one album and are currently working on a second one! Not afraid of mixing Trip-Hop and Pop-Rock, Goldfish Parade dishes out the new paradigm of Trip-Rock!

Beirut Jam Sessions presents Pony Pony Run RunWHERE?
Solea V (we will provide a map in here for all of you to find out how to get there)

Tuesday, November 27th
Doors open: 20h00




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