Beirut Holidays 2014

BEIRUT HOLIDAYS is a series of concerts and shows in the heart of Beirut Souks.

Launched in 2012, the festival brings together diverse musical performances and talents, local artists and international performers, from East and West, mixing varying genres and tastes.

Beirut Holidays aims to become a recurrent and leading festival featuring Beirut as a destination for entertainment, arts and culture.

Beirut Holidays 2014

Beirut Holidays 2014

This year, Beirut Holidays will host a large number of artists:
– Georges Wassouf on July 29th 2014
– Fares Karam on July 31th 2014
– Tamer Hosny on August 2nd 2014
– Ziad Rahbani on August 7th 2014
– Wadih El Safi tribute on August 12th 2014
– Elissa on August 21rst 2014
– Garou on September 6th 2014


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