Behance Salon: Stuck on Autopilot

STUCK ON AUTOPILOT! How often do you stop pushing yourself after gaining sufficient skills?

We hit what journalist and bestselling author Joshua Foer calls the “OK Plateau,” where we have gained sufficient skills for our needs and we stop pushing ourselves. Joshua Foer has extracted four principles that describe how to push through the OK Plateau to achieve true greatness.

Participate and engage in workshops!
From observation and experience, we’ve realized that creative minds are searching for answers to overwhelming obstacles, limitless questions, and creative blocks.

So we wanted to create a design salon where members could meet, watch an inspirational video, discuss, and explore ideas through workshops. A local guest speaker will give insight about his/her own experience in the Lebanese community. The core aim of the event is to stir the will of creative designers into making their ideas happen and connecting with, and relating to, other people in creative fields.

This is an initiative that seeks to inspire and help creative people accomplish their goals and overcome the obstacles they encounter in the creative process.

Entrance fee at the door: 10$ including a beer or non-alcoholic drink (Soft drink/Juice)

Behance Beirut

Behance Beirut

What is Behance?
The Behance Community helps organize and empower the creative world:
– It is the world’s leading platform for creative professionals across all industries like graphic design, photography, fashion & others
– It is a significant online platform for creative professionals to showcase their work
– It has also become a powerful search tool to explore creative work by country, creative field, or client name.

The Salon will be held at AltCity:
Hamra Main Street, Beirut
Cinema Montreal / Carre Bldg
Right in front of First National Bank

Date: Thursday, March 6, 2014
Time: 7:00pm until 9:30pm
For more info please call: +961 76 815 404


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