A triple show by Ziyad Sahhab and Band, Aline Lahoud and Issa Ghandour. Performing back to back all time favorites from the Arabic repertoire with comedy bits and more. Dine, dance and sing-along in a festive ambiance.

Back to Back

Issa Ghandour
Issa Ghandour’s interest in music was inspired by his father, the late Hassan Ghandour, a well-known Arabic-music composer/singer, who rubbed shoulders with Mohammad Abdulwahab and Faiza Ahmad among others. Issa undertook studies of Arabic music history and theory which led him to discover the Andalusian and classical Arabic music. He studied the violin and the oud at the National Conservatory.

Issa dabbled with theatre and music while in College he recorded his first album, “Shagar el Yasmine” which contained first hit on the pop charts: “Oyoun El Soud”. After his CD “Is’alouh” Issa turned to TV, acting in television series with Hussein Fehmi, Ma’ali Zayed and Sawsan Bader among others. His latest CD is DARWISH. A CD with 10 of the most memorable songs of Sayyed Darwish.

Ziyad Sahhab
Author, composer and oud player, Ziyad Sahhab is perhaps one of the most emblematic singers /Oud player of the 20 something generation in Lebanon. He started playing the oud when he was 7 years old in Lebanon. At the age of 13, he performed solo at the Cairo Opera House at the memorial of Mohamad Abdel Wahab.

He became a member of the Beirut Arabic music orchestra in 1993. A true master of words, Ziyad Sahhab plays with their meanings and delivers incisive texts depicting society, love and everyday life. His poetry is engraved and marked by a spirit of rebellion that make him a key figure in the Lebanese contemporary Tarab music scene. On top of his own texts, he sings the poems of Egyptian and Lebanese poets such as Ahmad Fouad Najem, Mohamad Kheir, Fuad Haddad and Salah jaheen. Ziyad uses his intimate knowledge of Classical Arabic music to create his unique and personal signature.

Aline Lahoud
Aline Lahoud was born March 2, 1986. She is the daughter of Lebanese singer and producer Salwa Al Katrib Nahi Lahoud. Her career would have started at the Eurovision, when she was supposed to sing for the colors of Lebanon in 2005. But unfortunately, she failed when at last minute decision, Lebanon decided to withdraw from the contest.
Aline has studied drama but also singing between 1997 and 1999. Then it was in 2002, that she gets her college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree with specialization in writing and directing. In recent years, she completed her career as a singer and actress by making short films. Aline won the international festival of Eurovision by representing Turkey, in collaboration with Jad Rahbani. She speaks fluent French, and will propose a song called “When all fled.”
Aline Lahoud won in 2005, “Charles Trenet International Trophy” in France. In 2006, she starred in the musical of Elias Rahbani “Aalam Jawharât al” in Qatar. In 2009, she performed at the Baalbeck International Festival with the dance group Caracalla. In 2009 and 2010, she played a role on TV LBC and Future TV in Doctor Hala and El Taer el Maksour and also starred in “Casque Nihayate”, a Lebanese film.
She sang at Beverly Hills Hotel (Los Angeles) invited by the Lebanese Association (April 2010). She also played a role on TV in Dubai “Ghaym Abwab al”, and “Inaha tahhtalou zakirati” (Future TV, 2010). She has done many musicals in Nigeria, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Egypt and the United States, and she appeared in several television musicals, like Hawa Sawa Wire, Wanted, Sahar Tall, Hay el yeh ghinieh, Chako Mako, Massa Nour, Maestro, and celebrity duets.
In tribute to the memory of her mother Salwa Katrib, she sang in the mines Naghamat Hayati (March 2011). In June 2011 she began acting in “Casanova” a new television series on MTV Lebanon.
Date : Saturday, March 3, 2012
Ticket : $50.00 with Open Bar or $85.00 including Set Menu Dinner and Open Bar
For reservations, please call +961 700 300 32 or +961 1 752 202


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