Baalbeck International Festival 2012

Baalbeck International Festival 2012 official program announced on May 9th, Which events will you be attending ?

The Program :

1) CHICO AND THE GYPSIES on June 29th 2012 :
Founder of the « Gipsy Kings », Chico is a music legend. With more than 30 gold records, 10 platinum ones and over 20 million albums sold, co-author of legendary songs such as  Bamboleo,Djobi Djoba, Baila Me, Chico made the whole world dance to the rhythms of his gipsy guitars. In 1992, the Gipsy Kings band break apart and Chico puts together a new band “Chico and the Gypsies” and hits the road with his hit songs and numerous new ones. He is also nominated “UN special envoy for peace” due to his humanitarian endeavors and his universal music. “Chico and the Gypsies” interpret all their big hits, alongside Aznavour classics and mix gipsy tunes with raï ones, accompanied by Cheb Aissa’s warm voice.
Tickets : 60 000 LBP, 90 000 LBP, 135 000 LBP, 180 000 LBP, 225 000 LBP

2) ZUCCHERO – Chocabeck World Tour 2012 on July 5th 2012 :
Considered as « the biggest star of Italian pop music », Zucchero has sold more than 40 million albums. He has composed, written and interpreted great hits such as Sensa una Donna, (famous duo with Paul Young), and Wonderful Life. Known for his very particularly sensual voice, he has also interpreted Misere with the biggest tenors of our times: Andrea Bocceli and Pavarotti.
Throughout his career, Zucchero collaborated with amazing artists such as Miles Davis, the rolling Stones, Sting, Eric Clapton, Bono, only to mention a few. Since his last album “Chocabeck” that was released in 2011, Zucchero performed on the biggest international scenes and will give his last concert of his world tour in Baalbek. A show for all, where the sounds of guitars, soul choral, rhythm blues, classic songs along new ones will be sung to offer us a magical evening.
Tickets : 60 000 LBP, 90 000 LBP, 135 000 LBP, 180 000 LBP, 225 000 LBP

3) SABER REBAÏ on July 7th 2012 :
Enshrined in the Arab press as « Superstar of the Arabic Song » Saber Rebaï is an accomplished artist. Singer and songwriter, he composed music for several of his songs including «Wala Kelma », which was a huge success. He has toured the world: the Arab countries, Europe, America, Australia and South Korea. He also performed in the most prestigious halls like the Olympia in Paris, the theatre of Carthage and the Cairo Opera House. He is the recipient of several prestigious awards such as the “Prince of Arabic Tarab” and “Best Arabic Singer” in 2004.
At Baalbelk, Saber Rebaï will present a varied repertoire and will interpret tarab, romantic songs and his most famous titles such as « Sidi Mansour », « Ya Assal »,” Atahada el Alam »…, to the delight of young and old.
Tickets : 60 000 LBP, 90 000 LBP, 135 000 LBP, 180 000 LBP, 225 000 LBP

4) JESSYE NORMAN on July 13th 2012 :
Jessye Norman is the diva of our times. Recognized by all for her unique voice that has made her the most sought after opera singer in the world, Jessye Norman has marked the field of lyrical song by her unique stamp. Winner of a Grammy Award in 2006 for her entire carrier, the Mayor of Pasadena in California declared the 22nd of September the “Jessye Norman Day”. Known for her voice but also for her amazing presence and sparkle, we all remember Jessye Norman wrapped in the French flag singing La Marseillaise a capella in front of one hundred thousand people.
At Baalbek, she will sing all the Duke Ellington, Bernstein and Gershwin hits inside the temple of Bacchus.
Tickets : 120 000 LBP, 180 000 LBP, 225 000 LBP, 330 000 LBP

5) MASHROU’ LEILA on July 15th 2012 :
In the two years since Mashrou’ Leila became the revelation on the local lebanese music scene, they have performed at sold-out venues in Lebanon, Cairo, Amman, Paris, Amsterdam and Prague. The group has been hugely followed and built an impressive fan club.
Because they are young and in, because their music pulls you, and because the stories they sing are those of our daily lives, Mashrou’ Leila (in Arabic: overnight project) represents a whole new generation.
For this unique concert in Lebanon in 2012, Mashrou’ Leila will interpret their best-selling hits and their all time most popular songs such as Shim El Yasmine, Raksit Leila, Habibi ou El Hal Romancy but also a large part of the songs on their next album which will be recorded next spring.
For the closing show of the Baalbeck International Festival’s 2012 program Mashrou’ Leila promises us a special evening.
Tickets : Standing : 50 000 LBP

 Tickets already available at Virgin Megastores branches and online.

Baalbeck International Festival 2012

Baalbeck International Festival 2012


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