Author: Robert Gemayel

Wonderboat Music Festivals

Wonderboat Music Festivals

Wonderbox Entertainment Presents : WONDERBOAT: 3 extravagant sea cruises with international DJ Saeed Mrad that will take the boat partying concept to a whole new dimension, never before seen by the Lebanese clubbers.

Eid in Dubai with Shoppiesta

Get ready for the spectacular inaugural edition of an annual event that will add more joy to the Eid al-Fitr festivities. Shoppiesta is planned to be the only event of its kind in the...

Amman Street Art Fair 2011

Amman Street Art Fair is an accessible, informal platform, where all are welcome to interact with a variety of local art. This event gives viewers and artists alike the opportunity to engage in a...

Jordan : Floor to Ceiling exhibition

Jordan : Floor to Ceiling exhibition

This year’s Summer Exhibition at Nabad draws together a wide range of works by over sixty high profile and up-and-coming artists from Jordan, the region and abroad, whose works are permanently available in the...

Global Battle of the Bands Lebanon

After marking the biggest band competition to ever hit Lebanon, prepare yourselves for the National Final. 29 bands have been competing for 3 months to make it to the final.Only 7 will make it...


After “Armin Only”, “Shakira” and “David Guetta” … we celebrate the success of an incredible season of music with one last almighty blow-out : The Next Mix FM Mega Concert: DANCE IN THE SUMMER!!!!