Apsylum – The crazy psychedelic party

All Psyheads are to report to the “Apsylum” immediately for your dose of Psytrance.

To sustain the “abnormal mental state”, all of our patients require psytrance exposure which could be seriously damaging to those faint hearted and pleasing to the clinically diagnosed psyheads. In the end it’s only the insane that shall remain.

The Demented 
-KURAMA (Night psy/Forest) [Psylienz]
-GEARA (Night psy/Twilight) [Psyde effect records]
-PSYCHOGENESIS (Twilight) [Psyleb]
-T-ERROR (Dark/Hightech) [Psylienz,Psyde effect records]
-ACIDREAMZ (Morning) [Psylienz]
-PSYCHONOTIK (Forest) [Psyde effect records]

– 20$ ( + 1 drink ) after 10 pm
– 15$ ( + 1 drink ) before 10 pm

How to get there:
(Jounieh->Beirut Highway), when you reach McDonald’s Jounieh, keep going till you reach ” Wild Willy” shop 100 meters ahead. Park there and go down the stairs on your right.

Apsylum - The crazy psychedelic party

Apsylum – The crazy psychedelic party

Date: Saturday, March 1, 2014


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