ANDREA BOCELLI in Bahrain [sold out]

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  1. linda says:

    Seems he is not coming as he has cancelled all commitments, due to pharyngitis. And that’s a good thing; not the illness, but for him to link up with Bahrain’s repressive, cruel, greedy torturing Gvt is not a good career move.

    • Kal says:

      We’re attending Andrea Bocelli’s concert tonight. The tickets were sold out in an hour. So many of our Bahraini friends and expatriates alike are attending. Mr. Bocelli’s visit to Bahrain came in solidarity with the cross culture understanding, and sharing of his wonderful music. He’s an inspiration to many around the world. Including me.

      I would not listen to the previous comment. Shamelessly trying to spew lies and hatred that started with sectarian riots. The Bahraini government is uniting the people with the love of music and culture. We stand united. And what better way than with music.

      • Raed says:

        Me & my wife came specially from KSA -Khobar to attend, I booked an expensive hotel for the family to stay the night, booked the most expensive tickets (60 BD), but when we came to concert (very early at 6:30) we found out that the organizers gave our places to somebody else, we agreed for the new place even for lower price, found nice women, had a nice communication, then again the organizers took us from our place to another, & this repeated again, so we bacame ungry & had to leave the concert.
        Still We should thank the nice American woman who gave my wife a coat to be warm in the cold weather,
        WE LOVE BAHRAIN, but we are sorry for those unfair organizers.

  2. Hamad J. says:

    Great concert. The people loved him and Andrea Bocelli was kind enough to perform 3 extra songs in addition to the program. He thanked the audience saying that this was his first time in Bahrain and “you are a warm audience. The best in my worldwide concerts”. Add to this it was a full moon and a nice spring breeze. A romantic evening.

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