AltCity Movie Nights: “Jobs”

AltCity’s weekly Movie Nights are not like any other movie nights!

Falling right under our mission to support entrepreneurs and digital leaders, these movie nights will cover topics such as entrepreneurship, business, social impact, investment, innovation, and many more!

Even better, our nights will not be limited to movies, expect to enjoy TV shows and documentaries such as Shark TankHow I Made My Millions and Undercover Boss

Each evening will be concluded with an open discussion about the themes of what we just watched.

Upcoming Movie Nights:

Monday, March 3rd – Jobs
Tuesday, March 11th – Shark Tank + How I Made My Millions
Monday, March 17th – Catch Me if You Can

AltCity Movie Nights: "Jobs"

AltCity Movie Nights: “Jobs”

Future dates will be announced along the way.
Entrance is Free! PLUS 50% off till 9PM on all drinks at AltCity Cafe.

Date: Monday March 3rd 2014


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