Alicia Keys – We Are Here [music]

Alicia Keys is starting a movement. Her vision? To ignite change.

To start a dialogue about the world’s evils. To start a conversation about what us mere mortals can accomplish. About what makes us happy. Alicia is promoting love, harmony and freedom.

We Are Here is the soundtrack to this movement and Alicia, the voice of unheard millions. The concept stemmed from a conversation Alicia had with a group of friends. The question, “why are you here?”, sparked something in the superstar that was far beyond an idea for her next hit. And she is in good company.

Alicia Keys - We Are Here

Alicia Keys – We Are Here

With a stunning piano arrangement, which is to be expected, and an emotionally charged marching drum beat to thrust the song forward, it is simple and memorable. Alicia’s voice is amazing as always, husky and passionate, delivering lyrics about current events and worldwide issues much in the same vain as the Black Eyed Peas mega-hit Where Is The Love?

We Are Here serves as a hymn, a heartbeat that gets stuck in your head and absolutely serves it’s greater function. Alicia is imploring us to spread the word on our social media accounts and speak up about the issues we are passionate about. To challenge. To discuss. To make a change. To ask yourself, really, “Why are you here?”


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