Alicia Keys – Brand New Me [music]

Alicia Keys goes from Girl on Fire to a girl humming with new vibrations in her passionate video for beautiful tune, Brand New Me!

Alicia Keys takes a triumphant turn at reinvention in the new clip for “Brand New Me,” a song from her latest album Girl On Fire. The video opens with a quiet, discomforted Keys getting her a massive mop of curls prepped before a shoot, the director offering her half-hearted “It looks nice,” when she pulls away from his touch.

After plinking at the piano for the cameras, Keys leaves her post and embarks on a quest for self-discovery around the set, which reaches its apex in front of a handful of mirrors where Keys rips off the wig she’d been given and returns to the piano as herself. Ending with the note “The journey continues . . .” – and a smiling Keys – it looks like this story isn’t over just yet.


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