Ten Reasons why you do NOT want to miss this:

1- the location, a breathtaking outdoor venue, suspended just a few meters above the old port of Jbeil, and overlooking the sea and the historic Crusader’s Tower (map and pictures of venue in ‘Event Photos’).
2- the timing: just at the start of summer, when it’s still not too hot, not too crowded, exams are just over, and calendars are still not congested with over-lapping events and happenings.
3- we’re finally getting to share the bulk of our next CD, which we’re starting to record right after the concert.
4- moving-head guru Alaa Minawi is designing the light for our show.
5- Alaa has a surprise for us. the only hint we could from him is ‘boats’. alla yestor.
6- Nicola is now officially an all-grown up college boy ๐Ÿ˜‰
7- Jade will be premiering, after our concert, ‘the Middle Beast’, an audio-visual project he’s been cooking up – details soon.
8- Jade is pimping ‘Stouh Adonis’. He promised to share his remix with us during the concert, on the condition we cover Tirachrach. Negotiations under way.
9- ‘Jararank’ t-shirts in the making. inbox us with your sizes ๐Ÿ™‚
10- last but not least, we have the pleasure to be working, for the second time this year, with the awesome awesome guys at ‘Tarte aux Poires’, to bring you this event.

Details & Logistics:
> Date: Thursday, June 14, 2012
> Venue: Theatre du Port (next to Cafe du Port). Access facing El-Molino, check map for details.
> Doors open at 8:00pm, concert starts at 9:00pm.
> The venue will be divided into two sections:
– The theater section, an intimate Roman-style amphitheater that wraps around the stage.
25,000LL + 1 beer
– The terrace section, a stepped garden overlooking the stage, where seated dinner and wine will be served.
55,000LL including dinner and wine

> The concert will be followed by ‘The Middle Beast’, an audio-visual project by JADE & VJ TM, and, later, a live set by both DJs
> Lighting Design by Alaa Minawi
> To pre-order tickets or book a table, call 03-045007. Ticket selling points will be announced soon.
> Supported by:
Springfield, Camel, Time Out Beirut, +961, Eka3 & Tarte aux Poires
> Visual aid by Richard Kahwagi

“If the rambling back alleys, low-slung electricity cables and small, dusty, bustling neighborhoods of Beirut had a soundtrack, this would be it. Take Adonis by the hand and they’ll trace the lines of the city with you.” Time Out Beirut.
‘Their music is something to fall in love with. The five boys from Adonis produce songs that are, at times, achingly gorgeous, charming, whimsical, and enchantingly Lebanese’ Now Lebanon.
Adonis is a musical project that came to life in Summer 2010 when two architecture students (Joey -guitar- & Anthony -vocals/piano-) got together to put music to Anthony’s Arabic texts. They were soon joined by friends and musicians who share the same passion for their local musical heritage, and the same desire to see it grow and evolve.
Armed with a remarkably eclectic baggage of influences and backgrounds, the group soon started recording demos and posting them on Facebook, sparking interest and gaining fast popularity amongst school and university students.
Following the success of the band’s debut single ‘Daw L Baladiyyi’, which entered local pop charts and aired on several Arabic radio and Television networks during spring 2011, the band released its first studio album in July 2011; and, in early 2012, a second single from that CD for the song ‘Ma Kan Mafroud’, in collaboration with singer/songwriter Tina Yamout. Both videos were directed by Robert Cremona.
Having participated in major events and festivals across Lebanon, and collaborated with the most prominent musicians and artists on the local musical scene, the band’s sound is maturing into a rich mesh of festive tunes, folksy beats, playful arrangements and street nonchalance, with a song structure and a play of scales that often echo works from the classical Arabic repertoire.
The band currently consists of Anthony Khoury on keys and vocals, Joey Abou Jawdeh on guitars, Fabio Khoury on bass guitar, Nicola Hakim on drums and Vladimir Kurumilian on the piano.





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