A Visual Story: Photography Workshop

Join us and learn how to take great photos using your own point-and-shoot.

This class, run by photographer Rachel Partamian, will take you through the basic steps of your camera as well as the art of framing, composition and lighting. It will include theory AND practice. All students will be photographing their own projects that will be printed and hung in a Photography Exhibition at AltCity cafe.

Register online: www.fadeinbeirut.com/photo-register

Each student will learn the basics of different types of photography:
– Shadow
– Portrait
– Experimental
– Landscape
– Documentary

And will include:
– Tips on how to use your own camera for best results
– Aperture – Shutter speed – ISO – Depth of Field
– White Balancing for the type of light you are shooting
– Elements of composition and framing
– Image rules

Do I need camera, too?
Yes – it can be your iphone, your point-and-shoot or a digital SLR.
If you have any questions about your camera, contact rachelpartamian@gmail.com

What makes this class special?
Not only do students learn basic knowledge of photography, they will take this information into practice as they shoot their own visual stories. Student photos will be displayed at AltCity cafe for an extended period of time with a grand opening exhibition event on Thursday 29 May.

A Visual Story: Photography Workshop

A Visual Story: Photography Workshop

Dates and Times:
Wednesday 21 May 6:00-9:00pm
Thursday 22 May 6:00-9:00pm
Friday 23 May 6:00-9:00pm

Students Shooting
24 May – 25 May

Private Sessions
26 May – 28 May

Exhibition Grand Opening Event
Thursday 29 May 8:00pm

Course Fees:
Full Workshop + 1 Private session + Exhibition
$150 – register by May 15
$180 – late registration

Register online: www.fadeinbeirut.com/photo-register


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