[a piano in my pillow]

[a piano in my pillow] : a performance presented by vladimir kurumilian & alaa minawi, where light transcends into sound.

i could not sleep that night
swirling in the bed
a sound came out from the pillow
a sound is coming out ! …
there is a piano in my pillow

and there is not much difference
between a [pillow] and a [cloud]

[saturday & sunday, march 10 & 11, 2012]
performance starts at 8:30pm [sharp]

[Théâtre Monnot – Beirut, Lebanon]


[tickets on sale] starting march 1st, 2012 at libraire antoine (all branches), aub bookstore & theatre monnot [seats are limited]


[vladimir kurumilian] was born in Beirut in 1988.
He started his piano lessons at the age of 5 in the Lebanese National Conservatory while attending school and college. [vladimir] is now working on his own improvisation project [entre 2 crochets].
“It’s a matter of context. Listening to an improvised piece while creating it, recording it, and then listening to it again out of its original context.”
Improvisation is not a haphazard choice and the two brackets are not ]limits[ . Each performance is a unique experience, an instant state of mind that communicates to the public an emotional yet authentic vibe heavy with oriental influences, noted in itself, the themes as well as the rhythm.
His first appearance was in the performance ‘quand le rythme devient obsessionnel’, which was held in Théâtre Monnot on April 2009.
[vladmir] collaborated with many local artists such as Liliane Chlela, Karim Khneisser, Allan Chaaraoui, Assil Ayash, Adonis… He also improvised the theme music of Jocelyne Saab’s surrealist film ‘What’s going on?’. He recently meets Haley Kallenberg (international pianist) in a heavily contrasted musical dual at the Assembly Hall of the American University of Beirut.
[online portfolio]: http://vladimirkurumilian.tumblr.com/

”]Alaa minawi (b. Beirut, Lebanon) is a visual artist. 
Since 2006, He has worked in more than 150 performances in Lebanon and the Arab world as a lighting designer, technical director, and performer. He collaborated with many renowned artists as Robert Wilson, Jawad Al Assadi, Andrey Barteniv, Rafic Ali Ahmad, Hiba Qawwass, Tania Saleh, Nagy Souraty, and others…
He participated in several local and international theatre workshops and joined many festivals in Kuwait, UAE , Bahrain, Qatar, and USA.
In 2009 and 2010, he was asked to organize two street festivals and since then he also works as a festival coordinator.
He was the technical supervisor for Babel theatre in 2010 where he proposed a revolutionary plan to improve the theatre’s technical aspects. In 2011 he supervised the technical process of creating a new dance space in Beirut (maqamat dance platform)
Alaa has a BA in Communication Arts from the Lebanese American University
Alaa directed a theatrical performance; “The Slaughter/Die Schlacht” written by Hiener muller and in the preparation phase of another one for 2013.
Since 2010, alaa started experimenting with light sources in an attempt to understand their influence on stage and the surrounding.
In 2012, alaa minawi is preparing a series of installations that incorporates light as a character.

[with the support of Tarte Aux Poires]

Official Facebook Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/273362739398976/


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