a Happy Hour of another kind: WHO KILLED BRUCE LEE & MARIANNE KANAAN

6:05… that second your heart goes pop.

Join us for a drink this Thursday during a live energy-filled performance by Who Killed Bruce Lee at the launch of Marianne Kanaan’s art exhibition.

Who Killed Bruce Lee –
Live covers of pop/rock fundamentals by the band.

Marianne Kanaan –
Portraits of 20-something young adults in a fusion of hyper real technique using highly precise brush strokes with pop art elements.

For more info: 01-974199
Street parking & Valet Parking
Thursday, February 16 at 6:00pm
Location : The Palladium, Downtown Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon 110 2040 

a Happy Hour of another kind: WHO KILLED BRUCE LEE & MARIANNE KANAAN

About 6:05
6:05® at depechemode is not just the name or the logo of this concept store.
It’s a TIME… that chosen moment in time where you can get together in one place, detach from reality as you know it, and immerse yourself into your own kinda world. It’s that second when you just wanna let go, dance, feel weightless, meet people of ‘another kind’, shop, daydream, taste a rainbow, fall in then out of love… with every tick of time.
It’s a SPACE… a minimalist & industrial interior, yet that is functional, ‘Green-conscious’ and fuelled by the ‘different’. The ‘new’. A store that is alive through its culture, and that is fuelled by people, their need to express themselves, and the moments they share. A place where you suddenly realize that changing rooms are padded rooms (*straitjackets not included), where you need to read between the lines of a “do not disturb” sign, where empty spaces are filled with the ‘old’ renewed, and cement-torn walls are a raw canvas, ready for experiment.
It’s an EXPERIENCE… a meeting place, an exhibition area & a fashion playground for fans of the avant-garde. A space where ‘time’ is only a concept’. A multifaceted concept store that brings together exclusive and selective international designers and brands for men, women and teens alike, and that is also dedicated to pushing emerging local talent.
Through its collaborations with key curators; fashion, food, music and art… are celebrated during Happy Hours of another kind at 6:05, and shopping bags are redefined, sewn into collective memory, establishing a new creative meeting point that is ‘high-on-experience’ in the ‘oh-so-high-end’ Downtown Beirut. 6:05® is a space where, if you didn’t walk in crazy, you might just walk out ‘cuckoo’ (*in a good way, that is). In other words, 6:05® could be anyone’s 420.


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