À coup sûr [movie]

Emma is a methodical, willing and seemingly self- assured young woman. But two back-to-back one-night-stand failures have led her to believe she has a serious problem : she is bad in bed. Emma decides to become then… the best lay in town!

Emma is an attractive journalist, recently hired by a monthly economy magazine “Strategy and Capital”. Raised in the cult of performance, she believes that she needs to optimize each of her assets. She’s a methodical, volunteer young woman who’s very self confident (but only in appearances).

As she’s been taught, Emma has always tried to give the best and improve herself in every field.

À coup sûr

À coup sûr

After the first night she spent with the man she’s been fantasizing about for months, she fails to impress him. The young man doesn’t seem smitten by her and doesn’t want to have another go around.

Emma is trying to understand but the man becomes very clear; he apologizes, but the sex was really bad.

A second failure soon comforts Emma in the idea that she is bad in the sack. Sure she had a few lovers in her life but maybe they never told her the truth. She now needs to be honest: she was always the best in everything but she is a bad lay!

Because she was raised in that idea of performance and she has more flaws that she wants to show, she decides to be the Best in Bed She starts very seriously a plan of action: theory research, observation, experimentation, practical work, tests and feedbacks, and because she never does something halfway, her time is mainly devoted to her new goal. She even recruits an intern and collects every necessary information, which creates collateral damages.

Unfortunately, Emma’s quest is seriously damaging for her relationship with Tristan, her handsome and mysterious journalist colleague who sees her as a knows it all, ready for everything to take his job.

Emma will encounter two main obstacles:
-Her way to proceed is not really adapted to the field she studies
-Love will show up when you will less expect it, and will follow any rules.

Emma will learn to relax, to lose control and she will conquer her freedom at least.

The movie will be released across Lebanon on May 29th 2014.


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