3al Jamal Bi Wasat Beirut – Michelle & Noel Keserwany [video]

This video was shot by several cameras ranging from cell phone cameras to photo cameras to video cameras gathered by amateurs and friends on the street that day!

Have you ever felt when going to Downtown Beirut that you’re at the sidelines of some ”power” contest where ”la creme de la creme” of the population is found parading with their newest cars, trendiest clothes, tallest cigars… And that when you dare enter their perfect little world at the risk of being stared to death, you sense that you’re being deprived of enjoying the beauty of the city?? Well who said that it’s illegal to be less fortunate and go to DT? Better yet, who said it’s against the law to go there riding a camel?!?! A group of friends and us tried to see the outcome of that theory by actualy entering the capital city on camels! And that was the reaction! Enjoy!!!!

I want to go on a camel joyride in Downtown
Give a little hope to those who can’t afford gas
And tourists will rejoice: Finally! A Camel!
The shopkeepers will shout and panic
Shopping bags fall from the hands of the classy people
And a cigar falls from the mouth of the honorable monsieur
“Mommy! Mommy! A horse!” The little children scream
I want to go on a camel joyride in Downtown and make everyone jealous

In Downtown
On my camel I wanna go in
Between the cars
Cruising on my happy camel

So I was cruising on my camel in Beirut
And I see a waiter in a fancy restaurant putting down a salad
He had no idea that my camel and I chose this place for our snack
And my poor camel was tired and needed a bite or two
And he’s a camel so he wouldn’t take no for an answer
The people started screaming and running around the place
As my camel was gulping down his salad happily
I’m on a camel joyride in Downtown

In Downtown
On my camel I wanna go in
Between the cars
Cruising on my happy camel

Then a policeman stops me and tells me to park on the side
He tells me: A camel? In Downtown? Who do you think you are?
So I tell him: Mister Policeman, listen to what I have to say
I know that you are responsible for the security of citizens
But I am a citizen too, and I have the right to come here
And I come from a modest family and I have but this camel
Who I assure you is one fine citizen, stops at red signs
Doesn’t honk, abides to the rules and helps old women cross the street
My camel doesn’t speed on bumps, in fact he doesn’t go over 20
He is legally registered and very easy on the gas
The policeman stared at me and he obviously did not like my camel
Where is your seat-belt then? he asked excitedly.
Your camel is gonna have a ticket, No Arguing!
He said with his black mustache and his evil smile
So I tell him: Mister policeman, whatever you say
Can we say otherwise when you have a gun at your side?
I gave my camel the ticket but he had no idea what it was
So he gulped it down and ate it with appetite
So I told him: Mister Policeman, my camel is doing exactly as you asked
My camel obeyed your orders and is having a ticket
Now I would like to hang around some more but I am pressed for time
I’m going on a joyride on my camel AND IN DOWNTOWN BEIRUT 😉

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