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JOE KODEIH presents “FILM CINAMA”, A hilarious retrospective play on cinemas in Beirut.

Following the huge success of “7ayet el-Jagal So3bé”, “Ashrafieh” & “Ana”,
this new show is nothing but BIGGER, STRONGER, & SIDE-SPLITTING!

Film Cinema - Joe Kodeih

“FILM CINAMA” is brought to you at “Théâtre Monnot”,
every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
from the 13th to the 29th of January 2012,
at 8:30pm.

Tickets are available at the theatre booth for LBP 20,000 and LBP 30,000.
Student price: LBP 15,000.

For Enquiries & Reservations,
please call the theatre on 01-20 24 22 (starting 3:00pm).

Check out Joe Kodeih’s new website:
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Subscribe to Joe Kodeih’s youtube channel and see all the previews plays online:

*** Every Saturday, before the show, opening the stage for Joe Kodeih is a 10 min sketch by 2menshow production.

This play is sponsored by:
- Byblos Bank
- Bankers Assurance SAL
- Beirut Night Life
- Classic Burger
- Ichiban
- Russian Standard Vodka
- Optique et Vision
- Vespa
- Piu Piu
- G-Spa
- Il Gustino
- Roma
- Beirut By Bike
- Radio Nostalgie
- Radio Sot El Ghad
- Tatoo Bikers


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